Payment and Billing Policies & Information

Office Appointments

All payments are due at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards. Please bring your payment and payment source with you the day of your visit. Please print and sign our Financial Policy.

Patients with Out of Network Insurance

At the time your appointment is scheduled you will receive financial counseling by our team. We will quote you a range for the fee only. We will collect full payment at the time services are rendered, and our office will file a claim on your behalf to your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier will reimburse you directly.

Procedure Appointments

Patients with in network insurance will have no financial liability up front. Patients with out of network insurance may be subject to a deposit prior to the procedure. This is coordinated with the Billing and Practice Manager(s) prior to your procedure. Please ensure all financial arrangements are made in advance to prevent cancellation of your procedure.

Payments being mailed should be sent to the following address:

David Markowitz, MD
PO Box 27656
NY, NY 10087-7656.